The iShares marketing team wanted to create a direct mail campaign tied to iShares “i” advertising campaign. The kit consisted of a custom mailer including an investor guide, product overview and a custom folder and mailing box. The campaign photography ties back to the global advertising campaign.

The magnetic clip forming the top of the "i" unlocks the package.

The magnetic clip forming the top of the "i" unlocks the package.

Folder with investor guide and product overview

Folder with investor guide and product overview


The Desk Reference is an annual direct mail and digital campaign for BlackRock and iShares. Its is designed to be both a product reference guide as well as a driver of new business. The Desk Reference campaign has historically had some of the highest response rates amongst all campaigns developed by BlackRock or iShares. It is one of the biggest marketing drivers of new sales leads for all of iShares professional investor client channels.


The iShares marketing team wanted a unique way to the promote the four featured product lines for the campaign. I partnered with the team to created a subway map style illustration which depicted each product line as a line on a subway map. Each product is shown as stop on the line and all of the lines connect with the iconic iShares “i” at the center. The subway map theme resonated well with them urban-based target audience.



The subway style product map was embossed on the cover to create a tactile feel. The addition of gloss foil stamp gives the book an extra premium look. 


design elements

Rounded circular tabs tie into the circles found on the subway map. The circle and map theme was carried out across all charts, graphs and divider pages throughout the book.   


The direct mail campaign was followed by a digital campaign. The map theme was carried out across all of the the digital elements. A custom animated e-book was created with interactive links. To aid the navigation I created a custom navigation bar, visible on every page, making the content easy to navigate. Animated graphics were added to highlight important information on select pages. The overall campaign was extreamly successful yielding a response rate of over 29%.



I created a fun and unique event give away item promoting the iShares suite of exchange traded funds. Each card was a quiz directing participants to an online promotion encouraging them to learn more. The cards were used as a direct mail campaign and given away at trade shows and events throughout the year.