Working in a Agile style I partnered with the MSCI web development team on series of redesigns of the site. During this redesign we found users wanted an easy way to access product and index information, news, research and events.  The marketing team also wanted to promote featured content on the homepage. The redesign incorporated all of these elements making the most heavily visited links easily accessible.

Secondary page example

Secondary page example

I developed the overall layout of the site, developed specs and designed all of the visual elements including image strategy, icons, UI elements, color palette and font selection.

Website specs

Website specs


The iShares marketing team wanted a way to cross-promote the iShares “Core” ETFS (exchange traded funds) on the iShares product pages and they wanted a way to categorize the groups of funds.  I developed a color palette to categorize the different funds by asset type, investment strategy, region and market.


The marketing team also wanted a way to cross promote the Core products on the product pages. I designed a vertical “marketing tray” on the product pages that cross promotes other funds within the Core series. I also created an icon set that could be used within this area. 


The Brilliant Control was designed to act as a manager for your home bringing, music, lighting and climate control all under one domain. Its camera, video and Alexa voice capabilities enable this devise to have many uses and features. As a potential buyer of this product I noticed that buyers need a more compelling reason to purchase the product other than to turn on lights and music. I created this product enhancement as a personal project as I see greater uses for its camera and Alexa voice capabilities.


I created a context scenario to demonstrate how the Brilliant Control could be used as a home security devise. Its unique Alexia-enabled capabilities, and the fact that this devise would potentially be in every room of the home, make it uniquely poised to become a widely adopted choice for both home management as well as in-home security.


To validate and gain learnings about its adaptability and learnability I conducted user research. As this product could be used by people of any age I choose a broad age group range to test its usability.